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Company name TAZMO Co., Ltd.
Established February 26, 1972
Capital 3,568,590,682 Yen
Headquarters 5311, Haga, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama 701-1221, Japan
TEL +81-86-239-5000  FAX +81-86-239-5100
Directors Yasuyuki Sato
Number of employees 382 (non-consolidated)
1,141 (consolidated)
Subsidiary Companies PRETEC Co., Ltd. / Facility Co., Ltd. / Quark Technology Co., Ltd. / TAZMO INC. / Shanghai TAZMO Precision Machinery Co., Ltd./ TAZMO VIETNAM CO., LTD. / TAZMO Apprecia Formosa Inc. / TAZMO Apprecia Electronics (Shanghai) Inc. / Facility Hong Kong Ltd. / Facility Technology (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd. / FACILITY HANOI CO., LTD. / TAZMO SEMITEC SHAOXING TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.
Core business Development, Manufacturing and Sales of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Clean Transfer System, LCD Manufacturing Equipment, UV Laser Equipment Plating Equipment, Mold・Resin Molding, Plating/Circuit formation Equipment for PCB


  • 1972 - 1990
  • 1993 - 2000
  • 2001 - 2009
  • 2013 - 2022
1972 TAZMO CO., LTD. is incorporated with 3 million YEN in Nishi Ebara-cho, Ibara, Okayama, to manufacture and produce electronic components and repair industrial equipment.
1980 Began production of molding dies, including injection molding dies. Completed development of Fully-automated Photo Resist Coater; production and sales started.
1981 Developed and produced Fully-automated Photo Resist Coater “TR5000” series; began sales through Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1982 Relocated head office/plant to 167 Kinoko-cho, Ibara, Okayama (where the Molding Dies Plant is currently located).
1983 Completed development of 6-inch-wafer compatible semiconductor manufacturing equipment “TR6000” series. Received Miki Memorial Award (Okayama Perfecture Industrial Technology Contribution Award).
1987 Developed Wafer/Mask Marking Equipment for semiconductor manufacturing system “TM4001/TPMM700”; production and sales started.
1989 Established a development partnership with Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd. Developed TFT Full-color filter manufacturing system “TR25000” series; production and sales started.
1990 Constructed new head office/plant at 6186 Kinoko-cho, Ibara, Okayama. Developed and produced Ultra Compact Transfer System for Super Clean Room.
1993 Developed and produced 8-inch-wafer compatible semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Began production and sales of the Robot for Semiconductor Lithography Tools. Developed generation 3.5 compatible full-color filter manufacturing system; manufacturing and sales started.
1994 Began production and sales of Emboss Carrier Tape. Developed High Performance Robot for Wafer Inspection Equipment.
1995 Began production of Injection Molding Products. Established the Plant No.3.
1996 Built a new Plant for LCD Manufacturing Equipment in the head office site.
1997 Constructed the new Plant No.5 in Kinoko-cho, Ibara, Okayama.
1998 Acquired Plant No.2 in Kinoko-cho, Ibara, Okayama. Received ISO9001 certification.
1999 Developed 4th generation compatible full-color filter manufacturing system; production and sales started. Developed Small Footprint, 3-link Robot for Mini-environment (EFEM); production and sales started.
2000 Established Yokohama office in Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama.
2001 Developed “CS13” series Photo Resist Coater specialized for a thicker film application; production and sales started. Developed 5th generation compatible full-color filter manufacturing system; production and sales started.
2003 Established TAZMO.INC., a local marketing subsidiary(now consolidated) in California, USA. Established SHANGHAI TAZMO PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. in Shanghai, China as a consolidated subsidiary for production/marketing of plastic molding products.
2004 Listed the company’s stock on the JASDAQ market.
Developed polarized plate for LCD manufacturing equipment.Received ISO 14001 certification.
2005 Built the Molding Dies Plant within the grounds of Plant No.5. The former Molding Dies Plant was reorganized as Plant No.6.
2006 Developed 8th generation compatible full-color filter manufacturing system; production and sales started.
2007 Received the FY 2007 jointly commissioned project of“development of high-efficiency lighting technology using organic, light-emitting materials” from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO).
2008 Established TAZMO VIETNAM CO., LTD., a consolidated subsidiary, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
2009 Developed 10th generation compatible full-color filter manufacturing system; production and sales started.
Concluded a license agreement with 3M(USA) for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
2013 Apprecia Technology Inc. became our wholly owned subsidiary company.
TAZMO VIETNAM CO.,LTD.constructed new factory at Long Hau Industrial Park in Long An Province, Vietnam.
Yokohama office moved to Nakano-ku, Tokyo, and renamed Tokyo office.
2015 Tokyo office moved to Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo.
Capital increased to 1,616,830,000 yen through third-party allocation of shares.
2017 The Company acquires Facility and Quarq Technology as a subsidiary.
2018 March Listed on 2nd sectionof the Tokyo Stock Exchange
September Listed on first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Capital increased to 2,724,067,238 yen through third-party allocation of shares
2019 Relocated head office to a new builiding, 5311 Yoshiga,Kita-ku,Okayama-shi , Okayama.
2020 Abosorb the subsidary Apprecia Technology Co., Ltd.
2022 TAZMO’s listing transferred to Prime Market in Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Increased capital to 3,495,400,000 yen through public offering.
Established TAZMO SEMITEC SHAOXING TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. a consolidated subsidiary, in Zhejiang Shaoxing, China