Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment v

Semiconductor Manufacturing

TAZMO has a wide range of equipment used in the semiconductor manufacturing: Coaters, Developers , Bonding and Debonding , Cleaning systems, Chemical distribution and Recycling sytems. With products fostered with long term knowledge and state-of-the-art technogy, TAZMO has recieved good reputation from all over the world. TAZMO provides solutions to resolve customers issues with unique products.

Nanoimprint Nanoimprint


We support mass production based on our long experience of equipment business and expertise. We also provide a total solution that covers from optical simulation to mold manufacturing, etching, and inspection. We are developing equipment that meets various needs.

FPD Manufacturing Equipment FPD Manufacturing Equipment

FPD Manufacturing

TAZMO is engaged in the development and manufacture of manufacturing equipment for various types of flat panels, including the LCD displays used in various fields. Our slit coater for LCD color filter resist boasts a large market share around the world.
We aim to fully establish our position as a leading company in this area by making thin film coating possible down to the nano level.

Clean Transfer Equipment Clean Transfer Equipment

Clean Transfer

TAZMO develops various transfer system that are not only accurate and speedy, but also address the need to conserve space. Of these systems, in addition to their high throughput and highly accurate handling our wafer transfer robots habe earned a strong reputaion for their operational stability and mainenance-free performance over long periods, and we added application functions in response to user requirements.

Precision Molding Dies Plastic Moldings Precision Molding Dies Plastic Moldings

Precision Molding Dies
and Plastic Moldings

Backed up by TAZMO's know-how accumulated over the years, our precision molding die production, precision parts fabrication, and precision molding technology we are responding to a variety of needs and are held in high esteem. Our carrier tape connector, one of the core products in the molding products line, achieves low cost and short lead times through an integrated system from die design to product manufacture.

Quark 紫外線転写装置

QuarkUV Irradiation System (Quarktechnology Co.,Ltd)

Quark Technology, Inc. manufactures and sells a variety of industrial equipment using the most advanced optical application technology. With the development of vacuum UV light source, has been introducing this to the manufacturing technology of semiconductor devices, Flat Panel Displays, electronic printed circuit board and film materials.

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