Precision Molding Dies and Plastic Moldings

Mold making Mold making

Mold making

Precision Mold Manufacturing empowered by an abundance of experience and technology. This experience enables us to support the customers product development and productivity improvement with the production of molds with minute and complex shapes. Furthermore, the improvement of design techniques has increased maintainability and durability while also reducing running cost. Providing the right equipment and environment, products can be swiftly made.

Injection Molding Injection Molding

Injection Molding

We have earned the trust of our customers by responding to all their needs in collaboration with our molding department. This is possible, as we are able to handle large numbers of precision parts ranging from home appliances, industrial equipment, medical equipment and automobile-related parts. To mold these precision parts we have Injection Molding Machines of 20 to 130 tons and several miniature injection machines all with the optimum system and quality for precision molding.

Emboss Carrier Tape Emboss Carrier Tape

Emboss Carrier Tape

Our Embossing Molding Department also promises a quick delivery along with high precision molding and has established a system, centered around electronic component manufactures, that will ensure that the quality and delivery requirements of the respective customer are met. Our Embossing department provides 3 molding methods: pneumatic, press and rotary molding and corresponds to various carrier tape conditions such as pocket shaped, material, tape(8nm to 72mm) and many more.

Precision Parts Precision Parts

Precision Parts

Using high-precision equipment, optimum environment and proficient technological skills, we are able to stably manufacture high-quality parts. We are also equipped with special equipment which we deploy in manufacturing Cell Culture Containers, Micro-Channel chips and other high-quality products in the medical and biotechnology fields.


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